Sol brings the brilliance of dawn and dusk into your pocket. It shimmers at night to the twinkles of stars and glows just before sunrise. Sol introduces the sky outside from the comfort of your palm. Keep track of the position of the sun, the moon and its phases throughout your week.

Sol is a sky simulator that shows you the altitude and position of both the sun and the moon in any location in the world. With the unique circular gesture on the home screen, you can interactively move the sun and the moon forward and backwards in time – All the while transitioning a spectrum of solar hues that change and simulate the opacity of the sky during different parts of your day.

Sol lets us interact with the sky and the time of day, to explore other locations and to gain an appreciation of the solar and lunar cycles that occur silently above our roofs.

Sol also works great as a visual-assist to counter time-blindness, particularly when under extended lockdown or when working nights.


Sol also features a Timezones view that displays your favorite locations. Each location tile displays its time, timezone offset to your location, and window into the sky at that location at present. You can even check out Antarctica and its perpetual dusk!


Sol’s animation lets you see the path of the sun and the moon: how it moved in the past, and where it’s going in the future at any location in the world. You can also track the moon phases visually and view the progression of the moon from waning to waxing, from full moon to a new moon.


With the Global Weather subscription (See In-App Purchases for Pricing Details), Sol gives you a beautiful 3-hourly forecast for five days for your precise location. For US locations, Sol also features a hyperlocal, minute-by-minute forecast of rain or snow, when weather conditions apply. You can monitor the weather for an unlimited number of locations. Each weather tile captures specific weather information for a window of time and gives you a peek into the sky at that point.